Publications and exhibits

  • Illustrations for The Big Booger Bubblewritten by Shannon Phillips (2012).
  • Cover art and illustrations for The Fisherman’s Wife, a narrative role-playing game by Julia B. Ellingboe (2011-present)
  • “Red Tractor Through Hay Bale: A Massachusetts Winter” (digital art) ouroboros reviewIssue one, December 2008.
  • “bloom the soft dying day” (digital art) ouroboros reviewIssue one, December 2008.
  • “Four” (digital art) ouroboros reviewIssue one, December 2008.
  • Original artwork for CD, Fiesta Brava’s Ship to Shore. 2008.
  • Original illustrations and page layout for brochures, posters, and educational display for media campaign, to be displayed in primary care providers’ offices statewide. Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Childhood Lead Poisoning Prevention Program; preferred provider (2000)
  • Cover design, comic art, and illustrations for various literary journals, including “Writing UConn,” “Diner Bean,” “Crushed Cigarette Press”(1995-present)
  • Scientific illustrations for “Clinical Immunology,” medical journal (1993)
  • Cover design for “Third International Peace Games Festival” brochure (1992)
  • Logo and photography for “Mystics Anonymous,” musical project (1998 )
  • T-shirt design for Market Street Research, Inc., Northampton, Massachusetts (1997)
  • Poster design for “Inkheads,” a contemporary urban clothing store (1997)
  • Corporate image for “The Dream Lady of Brevard and Massage Therapist,” original and update (1996, 1993)
  • Menu for “Huskies” bar and restaurant in Storrs, Connecticut (1995)
  • Norwich Arts Council Gallery, exhibit (1997)
  • Illustration of Algonquin wigwam, University of Connecticut’s Natural History Museum, exhibit (1993)

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