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Waxwing Shadow Studios offers unique, handmade gypsy jewels and vagabond baubles for free spirits, romantics, and discerning bohemians. My jewelry features original artwork and photography as well as found images, sculptural polymer frames, handmade beads, and semi-precious stones. I love creating fanciful pieces inspired by history and cultures around the world that capture a sense of mystery, timelessness, and exotic wanderings.


The Big Booger Bubble lifts off!


“One time there was a girl who had SUCH a stuffed up nose…such a stuffy, snuffly, horky, honky, stopped-up snorker of a grotty snotty sniffer…that when she took a deep breath in, and blew a deep breath out—

AH CHOO! She sneezed!

And from out her left nostril came a big booger bubble!”

I was thrilled when Shannon Phillips asked me to illustrate her children’s story, The Big Booger Bubble. I knew it would be fantastic fun to bring to life the wild adventure of this little girl and her dog. I also suspected that my young son would enjoy every minute watching the process. Which he did, standing over my shoulder and giggling as I sketched the little girl with booger bubbles of increasing size erupting from her nostril, squealing with delight as I inked pages of gloopy snot, and reading the story aloud with unparalleled enthusiasm and energy as I mocked up the page layouts on the computer.

So you can trust me when I tell you that this is a book little kids WILL LOVE.

Available in paperback on Amazon.